A Case Study of Cantilever Concrete Wall for Slope Reinforcement at Batujajar, West Bandung

  • Sandy Radhitya Akbar


- Areas with high rainfall often encounter problems in the form of landslides and the like. In order
not to cause damage to the slope, various methods were used. Strengthen to the soil by adding an additional
structure in the form of a retaining wall is one of the most common examples. Jalan Batujajar in Bandung is
an area west of Bandung, in an area with steep cliffs and frequent landslides. This study was conducted to
evaluate the use of cantilevered concrete retaining walls for slope reinforcement in overcoming landslides on
Jalan Batujajar, West Bandung. Soil properties parameters obtained from laboratory experiments from
samples taken in the field are used as parameters in determining the design of the retaining wall. When
viewed from three factors, namely: resistance to rolling, shear and bearing capacity of the soil where the
retaining wall will be built, the calculation results show that based on the properties of the soil, the selected
retaining wall, the type of cantilevered concrete wall, are the desired safety factors.