The Indispensable Role Of Ict In Language Learning During The Covid 19 Pandemic

  • Kshama D. Dharwadkar


The aim of this paper is to understand the indispensable role of ICT tools in language learning during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in the Indian context. This paper shall list out the various tools and resources that have been used and can be used to facilitate language learning via the online mode. Teachers' sentiments and opinions towards the use of technology and experience differ from one another. The pandemic has created a revolution in Indian higher education scene, because there was a lot of opposition on the educators’ part towards adoption of technology and learners’ commitment towards this paradigm shift in instruction. Due to the situation, most of the higher education in India have widely adopted technology and the involvement of learners is more than the regular engagement of the class. The lockdown has accelerated adoption of digital technology. Edtech start-ups, educational institutes, IT solution providers, data management and learning management systems have been compelled to work hand in hand to counter the pandemic and deliver turnkey solutions for the education sector to function seamlessly. This is an ideal time to experiment and deploy new resources to impart meaningful education to learners who can’t go to campuses. It’s a golden opportunity to be more structured , methodical and fruitful while developing new and improved professional skills/knowledge through online teaching and assessment. It is also a fact that use of technology in education is resulting in different concepts in the system, for instance the move from teacher-centric education to student-centric education.