Comparative Approaches In Human Rights For Health Care Legal Protection In Some Countries Of Post-Soviet Space


  • Chystokletov Leontii Grugorovych, Oleksandra Leontiivna Khytra, Kostovska Kateryna Mykolayivna, Shvets Yuriy Yuriyovich, Maryana StepanyivnaTsvok


This study, based on the use of both general theoretical and branch scientific provisions, is aimed at revealing the content of the legal provision of the human right to health care in some post-Soviet countries.

Based on international and national practice, attention has been drawn to the problems of formation and development of health care sphere with the provision of quality and efficient medical services for the population in the post-Soviet republics, starting from the collapse of the Soviet Union and till the beginning of modern conceptual directions of health care improvement, not violating at the same time basic human and civil rights.

It has been proved that despite the differences between some guarantees of the human right to health enshrined in the constitutions of the post-Soviet republics, their strategic guidelines remain the readiness to provide a person with the highest levels of health care for his physical and mental condition.