Attitude Of In-Service Teachers In Writing Research And The Factors Affecting It


  • Jasmin S. Villanueva, Myla C. Dayrit, Evelyn G. Dayrit , Rommel P. Gana


As teachers of Higher Education Institutions, it is a mandate that each faculty should do the four- fold functions in the University- instruction, research, extension and production. With the escalating demands for researches, it is deemed necessary to evaluate first the attitude of the teachers before asking them to conduct research.

This study aimed to assess the attitude of the faculty members from a state university in the Philippines and the factors that affect it. The obtained data would serve as input in proposing a research program.

The endeavor made use of sequential explanatory approach where researchers administered an adopted instrument from Papanastasiou (2005). The scale was from 1 ( being the lowest) and 7 ( being the highest).After tabulating the descriptive statistics, the researchers conducted a Key Informant Interview to those who had the highest and the lowest mean. Answers of the informants were transcribed verbatim and were analyzed to come up with axial codes. After that, the researchers determined the themes.

Based on the findings of the study, majority of the faculty members from the six colleges had positive attitude towards research. They were aware of the advantages they could get from it. In terms of the factors that contribute to their attitude, the following were extracted: Research is difficult; Research Anxiety; and, Research Usefulness.

It is hereby recommended that the administration should continue to reinforce the faculty members by conducting some relevant seminars, write shops or workshops to further enhance their skills.