Mathematical Interpretation Of Covid-19 Using Population Model In The Indian Scenario


  • Satpal Panika


The Navel corona virus has created an atmosphere of fear all over the world; fear is
also inevitable because it is rapidly spreading from human to human. The virus, born in
China's Wuhan city, has engulfed almost the entire world. India has also felt its virility,
scientists from the country and abroad is engaged in the discovery of the vaccine against the
virus, but no breakthrough has yet been achieved. India ranks second after China in terms of
population. States, Countries and abroad are working together to save their country from
community transition, medical personnel as well as police, army and voluntary institutions
are being trained. Various states in the country have introduced a variety of measures to
prevent community proliferation, so the mathematical avalanches presented in this paper can
be helpful to prevent corona infection as well as to raise awareness. This paper describes the
impact of viruses on population dynamics. Also, this paper explains the interpretation of the
population model, the infection of covid-19 based on the prey-predator model.