A Comparative Study Of Gross NonPerforming Assets Of Different Commercial Banking Sectors With All Scheduled Commercial Banks


  • Dr. Paritosh Dube, Dr. Atul Bhardwaj


The objective of the paper is to study the correlation between various segments of
commercial Banks with all scheduled commercial banks with respect to Gross
Nonperforming assets. The period under study is from 2010-2019. The paper uses technique
of correlation to study this objective and derive inferences. The paper also studies the trend in
various segments over the years and also the overall trend with respect to all scheduled
commercial banks and determines whether there is any significant difference among the
performance of different segments in this regard. The paper is also focussed on finding out
whether there is any significant difference between the years among the segments. The paper
makes use of mean, Mean deviation standard deviation and ANOVA test to arrive at
conclusion.The paper concludes that the NPA has been increasing in the recent years with
higher growth rates in recent years.It concludes on basis of correlation study that SBI and its
associate banks have major role to play in respect of total NPA and its control followed by
other nationalised banks and Private banks. The hypothesis test prove that there is significant
difference between the role of different segments of the banks India over the years and also
that there is significant difference with respect to NPA over the years under study showing
that the situation has become more critical in recent years.