Phytochemicals Investigation And Comparative Study Of Leave And Flowers Of Tecoma Stans And Tecoma Capensis In Protein And Carbohydrate Estimation


  • Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey*, Mr.Srinibas Mohanty


Plants are important sources of medicine and food. There are number of plant
which can become alternate source of obtaining food and drugs. Present study deals with the
estimation of total carbohydrate and protein content in two different species of Tecoma i.e.
Tecoma stans, Tecoma capensis. Fresh leaves and flower is used for protein and carbohydrate
estimation. Protein estimation did by according to the Lowry method of protein estimation
and carbohydrate estimation performed according to the Anthrone method. Study revealed
that T. stans leaves contain 25.6 mg protein content in per gram sample and flower contains
9mg protein in its per gram sample whereas T. capensis leaves bears 23mg protein and flower
bears 27.6mg in their 1gram of plant sample. Phytochemical screening shows the presence of
phytochemicals such as alkaloid, tarpenoids, resin, steroid, flavonoid, saponine and phenol.
Carbohydrate estimation show the presence of 45 mg of carbohydrate in T. stans leaves and
85mg of carbohydrate in flower samples of T. stans whereas T. capensis (flower) contains
32mg and 44mg of carbohydrate present in leaves of plant samples