Design and Analysis of Modified Bridgeless Sepic Rectifier for Power Factor Correction


  • M.Shunmathi, J.Gnanavadivel, K.Jayanthi


In this work, modified bridgeless sepic converter based power factor correction converter is proposed. Normally, the traditional bridge rectifier configuration is not suitable for efficient operation and input source current harmonics is high. These converters with bridge rectifiers have power factor is low and less efficient, more source current total harmonic distortion. The paper deals with more efficient AC to DC buck boost configuration which eliminates the diode bridge rectifier combination and directly apply through AC input voltage to the DC required and to get an output voltage and output current with efficiency to be maintained at high for power quality improvement. Here, consists of a two SEPIC converter connected in parallel and operated in positive half cycle and negative half cycle of the power factor correction converter. In modified sepic converter is operating under discontinuous conduction mode. The modified converter obtains the relations for circuit parameters and power and depending upon the converter duty cycle. However, focus on to enhance the power factor and to reduce harmonics for source voltage variation and load variations. The proposed system is simulated for PI controller using MATLAB simulink. This topology reduces source current harmonics within the range according to 5% and high power factor, broad range of some variations in load and source voltage variations.

Keywords-Total harmonic distortion Discontinuous conduction mode, Power factor correction, single-ended primary-inductor converter