Performance analysis of Reduced Graphite Oxide (RGO) / Polyaniline (PANI) based composite structure for Ultracapacitor applications


  • Adrien Perianayagam. C, V. Krishnakumar, Dhanushvarma. R


A Novel composite structural design is investigated to boost variety of performance specification in ultra-capacitor. A combo composite structure of comprises of reduced graphite oxide doped electrode along with conducting polymer polyaniline (PANI) as an electrolyte. A mixture of redox materials such as metal oxide (or) conducting polymers (PANI) into graphene-based composite tends to increase the capacitance. However metal oxide like RuO2/Ti3C2 has certain hindrances like higher cost and deprived abundance. Alternative mixture material called conductive polyaniline (PANI) with its excellent electrochemical properties becomes a promising substitute, utilized as a composite substitute for developing combo composite structure of ultra-capacitor. The variety of performance specification, such as magnitude of electric field intensity confined between the twosome electrodes, average magnitudes of charge on the electrodes and potential between the electrodes has been discussed. In addition, the electric energy storage and capacitance value has been computed and compared with the conventional oxide coated structural design. The proposed combo composite structure of ultra-capacitor is developed by utilizing QuickField 6.3.2, BCAP3400 K2 series 2.85/3400F static 2D modeling.

Keywords-Ultra-capacitors; Reduced Graphite oxide and polyaniline composites ; QuickField analysis