Student to Entrepreneur-Role of a Teacher


  • Ms. Nisha Solanki


“A teacher is a compass that activates magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom” (Ever Garrison). These mentioned traits are the requirement of a person who can change the world with his creative solutions to the societal problems. There is ample number of recognized and unrecognized opportunities that exist in the market and one need to grasp them to earn money. Teachers are igniting the minds of youth that makes them develop new ideas and to start their own venture. One ignited mind helps the society, many folds by contributing in employment, commodities, lifestyle, etc through a single step towards entrepreneurship.

This study aims at analyzing the various contributions of teachers for creating entrepreneurs in the country. The study is purely based upon the primary data collected through the interaction with successful startup owners and secondary data available from valuable sources and helps to understand the expected role of the teacher in developing entrepreneurship and portraying the teacher as a social entrepreneur.

Keywords: Startup, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneur, Teacher, Opportunity.