Developing a Measurement Scale for Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies


  • Dr Yogesh Mehta, Ms Nisha Solanki


Developing an entrepreneurship ecosystem has become top most priority of all the economies in the world, as it provides an opportunity to every individual to work independently, creates jobs for others, and help other members of the society to earn bread and butter as well as look after the family members, depending on him. All developing countries are taking various initiatives to foster entrepreneurship among the youth of the nation as they are the nation builders. Different educational programs have been launched, innovative andragogy has been implemented, and governments are also supporting financially, regally with ease of doing business policies. The success of all these initiatives taken by government will certainly depend on entrepreneurship skills and competencies which are required by an individual for a venture/startup. This study is aimed at developing a scale which can measure the level of entrepreneurial skills and competencies among the students of higher education system in India.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Skills, Competencies, Venture, Higher Education System.