Triband Metamaterial Fractal Antenna For C Band Wireless Application


  • T.Durga Prasad, Dr.V.Malleswara Rao


Abstract; The Octagonal SRR based Fractal geometry is proposed in the article. The ConventionalOctagonal patch is the primary antenna, and then the same structure is scaled by 0.5 in the first iteration and 0.25 in the second iteration to achieve the proposed structure. The antenna has a compact size of 60mm x 64 mm x 1.6mm. The proposed structure is operated at 5 GHz,6.7 GHz, and 7. GHz. The gain and directivity are above 3.25 dBi and 4 dBi in all the operating bands. The effect of the fractal is analyzed with the help of Surface current and return loss. The simulated results of S11, VSWR, surface current, 3D radiation pattern, Gain, Directivity, E, and H plane radiation pattern are presented, which show that the proposed antenna is the right candidate for C band wireless application.