Dynamic Priority Based Spectrum Sensing And Scheduling Scheme For Cr-Wban


  • Dr A.CH.Sudhira,Dr P.Sankara Raob.K.Srikantha,R.Annapurnaa,T.Durga Prasadd


Abstract: In Cognitive Radio Wireless Body Area Network (CR-WBAN),human body’s essential functions which are observed by all the  nodes conveys evidence to a dominant sink node,which is openly joined to a Cognitive Radio enabled Controller (CRC).  Since hospital devices and services may be classified into medical and non medical, a dynamic priority aware spectrum sensing and scheduling schemes has to be formulated for future hospital caresystem.This paper proposes Dynamic Priority based Spectrum Sensing and Scheduling (DP-SSS) Scheme for CR-WBAN. In this scheme, priorities are assigned for each service request depending on the types of the corresponding device and application. Based on the assigned priorities, dynamic spectrum sensing and allocation is performed for each CR user at the coordinator followed by a scheduling algorithm.