A Study on the Marketing Strategies adopted by the Retailers of Bell Metal Industry with Special Reference to Guwahati City


  • Bhaskar Acharjya Deka


Marketing of a product forms the most vital component for successful delivery of the finished products to the ultimate customers. For any business venture it is of significant consideration to lay importance on the aspect as to how the end products would be delivered to the ultimate customers. The mass competition that exists in the business fields has necessitated the communication aspect of marketing.Strategies which give a base as to how the actual performance would be directed may act as a guideline for the entrepreneurs who are ventured into selling bell metal products. The retailers of the bell metal industries have to consider the marketing tools which can better serve to promote and sell their products. The present Business Environment situation brings out two important mediums, the Conventional and Digital Marketing which encompass within its scope various tools. The retailers of the bell metal products should appropriately set their marketing standards accordingly thereby directing their activities towards achieving their goals in the long run.

 Keywords: Marketing, Strategies, Conventional and Digital Marketing