Legal Literacy as a Tool for Women Empowerment


  • Dr. Suparna Dhar, Lipika Kalita Kumar


In today’s era it is paramount for a particular group or class to be uplifted. Same goes for the women; historically though they have been neglected in India but in this 21st century it can be stated that they are no less than their male counterparts. For women empowerment to happen the tool of Legal literacy is required. Legal literacy plays a crucial role in women empowerment. Legal literacy is the form of education which makes the people legally aware and educated. It is the form of education which can save people from several hurdles and obstacles in their life. Legal literacy helps people to understand the current judicial and justice system and prepares them to tackle any hurdle through legal process. Legal literacy can help women to raise their voice against any injustice they have been facing. It can be said it is the first steptowards the knowledge of law. So, legal literacy is the means of progress that can revolutionize people’s life.

Keywords: Women, Empowerment, Legal, Literacy, Education, Judicial, Justice