Detection of Neural Spike Using Clustering Algorithm


  • Khawaja Moeen Haroon , Dr. Zahir Javed Paracha , Hina Sharif, Dr. Mohammed Kaosar


The neural signal which is being extracted from the neurons of the brain consists large scale hidden information which has to be taken out with the help of some processing technique. If this information is provided to the doctors, then the can easily find out the patient’s health status. This extraction of information is a task of biomedical engineer who records the neural signals from the microelectrodes but since the data transmission is a big task it has become one of the major concern in this field. For recording such large data, the power requirement is also huge and the data transmitted from this recorded system are used for the offline detection of neural spike. The implementation of this technique is very challenging and difficult sine the data acquired using microelectrodes consists of huge amount of noise levels which needs to be taken out before processing it further. Therefore, this paper uses signal processing technique called wavelet transform for eliminating the noise level using filtering technique. And finally various unique features are segregated with the help of clustering technique and a final decision is made on the information provided by the neurons.