A Study On Economic And Social Position Among Women Workers In Rubber Plantation


  • Mrs. J. M. Viji , Dr. V. Bastin Jerome


The aim of this paper is to find economic and social position among women workers in rubber plantation. Socio-economic conditions vastly differ across the world. Globalization has become the buzzword on the lips of businessmen, politicians, religious leaders, educators, students, the rich and the poor. It involves every aspect of life-economic, political, social and cultural and religion. The rubber plantation workers in Kanyakumari district are by and large visited by the problems of ignorance and poverty. It is a pity that they are unable to extricate themselves from the cruel clutches of poverty despite their migratory character assiduity and the massive support given by the trade unions and also a fairly high salary or wage rate. The study is to find the socio-economic status of women employees in rubber plantation. The study focus on the age, experience and socio security level of women employees. Convenient sampling techniques is involved. Percentage analysis is used for analysis and interpretation.