PV Based DC To DC Boost Converter With RC Snubber Circuit


  • R. Sathiya, M. Arun Noyal Doss,R.Archana Prasanthi


: In this paper proposing a high gain quadratic boost DC-DC converter which has a large voltage gain. Nowadays the most popular renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy are famous for DC Microgrids. It has more advantage than AC Microgrids because of small size, compatibility and cost.The normal boost converters are not recommended for high step up applications in DC Microgrids. The proposed converter uses a simple design of a boost converter but introduced a snubber circuit across the inductor for the protection of the switch which helps to achieve the high gain. The snubber limits the switching voltage amplitude and its rate of rise. Hence it reduces power dissipation. Therefore, the snubber protects the switching device. For switching the device, we use a PWM IC that gives 50% duty cycle which is necessary for the high gain which is to be achieved.