Performance Of Lightweight Foamed Concrete Using Mesocarp Fibers


  • C.Mala, P. Easwary


Conceptual Poor sturdiness properties in solid will continuously direct to a genuine harm to structure. This investigation was led to tentatively look at the solidness execution of lightweight frothed concrete with expansion of mesocarp filaments as far as porosity, water retention, UPV and drying shrinkage. Likewise, a few blends were projected and tried in chosen thickness of 600 kg/m3 and 1200 kg/m3. The proportion of concrete sand and water-concrete were kept up to 1:1.5 and 0.45 separately for all blends. At that point, the mesocarp filaments utilized were 0.15%, 0.30%, 0.45% and 0.60% from the absolute blend volume. From the outcome, porosity and water retention were improved by the expansion of mesocarp filaments up to 0.60% however a contrary pattern was watched for drying shrinkage and UPV which the outcome just restricted to the 0.45% mesocarp fiber. Taking everything into account, this examination was endeavor to discover the impact of various level of mesocarp filaments that can pursue improvement of lightweight frothed concrete as one of earth inviting structure materials.