Island Connection Mode - Grid Connection Mode Transition In Micro Grid


  • Farah Fahem Alsarhan, Ihsan Mizher Bahat, Nabeel Shaway Shyaa Al-Atwan, Prof. Univ.Dr.Ing.Petre- Marian Nicolae


The PV power and generator (grid) is an important and highly effective system that can be integrated into a micro grid. In essence, the energy output achieved within the micro grid is greatly enhanced as a result of the incorporation of the PV power and diesel generator. There are various ways in which a micro grid is enhanced by the PV power and diesel generator. One of the most notable ways in which the micro grid is enhanced by the PV power and diesel generator is in terms of energy output. Despite the fact that there are many aspects determining the framework of efficiency within the context of a micro grid, the overall level or quantity of energy output is vitally important, in this paper fussing about selecting the PV cell depend on the temperature degree and irradiance and the sharing power between the generator and PV cell in case of island mode and grid mode.

In this paper focuses about the control parameters by using drop control for the frequency ,voltage and active reactive power  in  the island mood ( in case of PV cell supplied the power to the load ) and grid mode ( in case of the grid support the system).