Natural Remedies And Modern Techniques In Wound Treatment


  • Rabab Hajwal Al-Zamily, Shoroq Mohamed Abas Al-Temimi


To know  of the impact of modern techniques  and natural herbs in the treatment of wounds,  By treating rats' wounds with laser and Nigella sativa oil, Note the ability of each to heal the wounds and speed of response.

duration of the inflammatory phase was condensed by proceedings with Nigella sativa oil and laser. However, laser existed extra active Natural oil compared, and the results were more significant.

stimulation of collagen formation and synthesis increase in the number of fibroblasts indicated of each treatment observed in the prevalence proliferation level.

Technical treatment has proven to be more effective than physical therapy  cutting-edge from initial periods wounding remedial, because laser preceded Nigella sativa oil in the proliferation and maturation stages.