Effective Teaching Method to Improve Reading Skill for L3


  • Mingming Liu, Jiraporn Chano


An effective reading teaching method should involve learners' general knowledge and linguistic knowledge. The purposes of this research are 1) To investigate the contextual current problems in reading skill for L3; 2) To investigate the factors that improve reading skills; 3) To investigate the family of the teaching models that can improve reading skills; 4) To investigate the theory suitable for constructing the teaching model of L3 reading. The samples of the current study were previous articles until 2020 in that area to improve foreign language reading skills. The method was literature and theoretical research. The findings were as follows: 1) the students have a good understanding of reading strategies and have some background knowledge, but they are very lacking in linguistic knowledge; 2) the factors affecting L3 reading skill are: decoding, fluency, vocabulary, sentence construction, and working memory and attention; 3) the information family has more models to improve reading skill; 4) Neurolinguistics is the suitable theory to construct effective teaching model.

Conclusion: The reading teaching model should be based on linguistic knowledge. The teaching model following Neurolinguistics is effective. Due to the low level of language ability of learners, cultural background knowledge can be displayed with L1 and L2 without increasing the workload on learners.