Efficient Methodology For Improving Throughput In Advanced Communication Networks


  • C.Mohanadevi, Dr.S.Selvakumar


In multiuser advanced communication networks  by making use of multiple relay logic circuits , efficiency can be improved. These relay  circuits operate like ON and OFF switches. When the switch is open it requires energy for its operation of sending information through it. To incur continuous energy supply dynamic networks can be created with relay logic circuits. This paper is demonstrated of how the relay logic circuit is activated for controlling the network. An advanced communication signaling method  with cache and promote mechanism  is introduced for reducing the power outage probability and also increase the  signal to noise ratio and the multiplicative gain. Making use of this method is very cost effective and simple. The energy becomes vital for communicating information of packets to the receiver. It is inevitable in today’s world for human development and economic growth. The exhausted energy can be regenerated or it can be reduced by increasing the number of relay nodes in the multipath fading channels which leads to better network performance and efficiency and so the throughput.