Innovative Design of Traffic Equipment Based on Future Trend Prediction


  • Haibin Du, Yan Zhao, Xiuli Ge


Predicting the future shows the changes and development of design perspectives and design thinking. Its main function is to find opportunities to innovate current design in the process of predicting the future trend. Instead of blindly following the trend of technological development, it is better to actively participate in the design of the future. During this process, many design concepts and thoughts are employed to explore the essential signals existing in the past, current and future design trend, such as design opportunity evaluation method, socio-cultural research, political-economic-environmental evaluation, non-linear thinking, and multi-dimensional future prediction method. Finally, a series of design practices in the field of traffic equipment in the near future are completed by using the future prediction methods. It is concluded that the design procedures and methods for detecting and predicting the future have great significance for design innovation and prediction.