Selection of one Suitable Piston Bowl Chamber among Three Different Swirl Ratio Piston Bowls for Ethanol direct injection on CI Engine


  • M. Velliangiri. , G. Sureshkannan , M. Karthikeyan , K. Karthik


This research article mainly focused on selection of one suitable combustion chamber bowl
among the three different swirl ratio piston bowls for direct injection in ultra-high compression ignition
engine. Selected suitable piston bowl parameters used for better combustion, predicted low ignition
delay and compared to other two bowls. Suitable fuel injection pump selected and used to increase the
pressure of injection and it varies from 400 to 1200 bar. Three different swirl ratio piston bowls are
chosen with constant compression ratio (28.54:1) and selected suitable parameters for comparison.
Selected one better combustion Chamber among three different swirl ratio piston bowls and predicted
low ignition delay of ethanol high compression direct injection (HCDI) engine. In-cylinder pressure
with respect to CA, HRR with CA and SFC, NOx, ID and PM emissions predicted and compared with
variable injection pressure. Selected one combustion Chamber among three bows, based on with and
without EGR mode and it varies from 0 to 15% and ensue low ignition delay. Performance of Chosen
combustion Chamber bowl (A) was validated by experimentally.