Analysis On Colour Strength And Fastness Behaviour Of Senna Alata Dye Extract Treated Cotton Fabrics


  • Bharani Murugesan,∗ , Assaye Dessie , Bezaneh Eshetu


The focus of this work is on dyeing cotton cloth with natural dye derived from the
Senna alata leaf. Nowadays, owing to their non-toxic, environmentally friendly nature, and
special properties, research on natural dyes is intense. In this analysis, using aqueous extraction
techniques, the Senna alata dye extracted and optimized the dyeing conditions carried out.
Senna alata leaf extract cotton cloth dyed with various combinations of dyeing temperature,
dyeing time, and concentration of dye solution collected. For the color strength of the dyed
cotton cloth, the properties of color coordinates (CIE LAB) and color fastness are calculated
and compared. It was discovered from the experimental observation that the Senna alata leaf
extract dyed sample showed 4.24 K/S values, and the intensity (washing, scratching, and light)
properties of all dyed cotton fabric samples varied from good to excellent quality.