English Language Curriculum For Communication Purposes Of Nursing Students: A Needs Analysis


  • Cephas Cherian Alexander , Dr. S. Jeyachandra , Dr. J. Sundarsingh


English language skills for nursing students are essential for effective interaction in
English-speaking environment of medical profession. Though there are number of language courses
and skills assessment exams available, it is imperative that the needs of students should be
ascertained before implementing any language learning strategy and language modules. Studies
reveal that the adult learners are of different language levels when they enroll for training in English
for specific purposes. In such a context, needs analysis questionnaire plays a major role in
identifying the exact requirement of each learner. The struggles experienced by nursing students in
their profession after their studies and the difficulties they faced in clearing international exams like
OET necessitated a revisit on the language curriculum. The present paper makes a thorough analysis
of the language needs of nursing students in a college. The study reveals that the present curriculum
lacks in providing more importance to speaking and writing. The respondents would prefer to have
more contextually relevant activities so that they use speaking and writing skills effectively in their
workplace. The study was conducted at Josco College of Nursing, Eddapon, Kerala by administering
a questionnaire.