Promoting Paperless Among University Staff in Malaysia in The Era of Industrial Revolution 4:Evaluating Reliability Test And Confirmatory Factor Analysis On The Determinant And Criterion Variables


  • Mohd Hamran Mohamad, Hasan Al-Banna Mohamed, Kamarulzaman Lamin, Norlaila Mazura Mohaiyadin, Khairunnisa Mardzuki, Sayuti Ab Ghani, Haliza Mohd Zahari, Nik Ismail Rashed Cik Ali


Intention towards paperless become the engine in realizing the electronic government
program mainly in the era of industrial revolution four (IR4). In the context of managing human
resource, the intention of individual worker towards paperless should be promoted to motivate them in
leading the quality work procedure in attaining the goals of organization. Lately, we found that there is
unwell progress of paperless implementation in organizations because of lack of employees’ intention
towards paperless especially when the nations move to the IR4 transformation. Therefore, promoting
the intention towards paperless among the employees in organizations must be prioritized for the
enhancement of service delivery by practicing paperless. The support of information technology (IT) as
well as from the management and organizational culture have been identified as reliable antecedents in
leading the employees’ desires towards paperless. This paper aims to evaluate the internal consistency
and construct validity of collected data in Malaysian public university for the employed variables
namely IT support, management support, organizational culture and intention towards paperless. Some
instruments modifications have been taken based on the validity and pilot study tests. Finding shows
that the reliability test of the instrument during the actual survey proves all the employed variables
have acceptable reliability (exceeded 0.70). Confirmatory factor analysis also proves the items support
the construct validity for further analyses.