The Impact Of Energy Consumptions And Co2 Emissions On The Economic Growth Of Asean-10


  • Nur Surayya Mohd Saudi , Rogis Baker , Hasan Al-Banna , Jessica Ong Hai Liaw , Aida Nasirah , Amnah Saayah , Abdul Latif Harun


The economic growth of the countries drives an intensive use of energy, which
results in growing CO2 emissions, and the pollution is directly linked to economic
growth. This study investigated the impact of CO2 emissions and energy consumptions
on Gross Domestic Products (GDP) for ASEAN-10. The study employed an
econometrics time series analysis using Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL)
estimates with yearly time series data spanning from 1980 to 2018. The empirical
findings on the impact of CO2 emissions on ASEAN-10 economies were found to be
negative in most cases, while a positive relationship was detected on the impact of
energy consumption on Gross Domestic Products. The causality analysis revealed that
there is a unidirectional relationship running from CO2 emissions to economic growth
with no feedback effect. The outcome of the study is useful for policy-making in
implementing a sustainable energy approach as it is proven that energy consumptions
and CO2 emissions can retard the economic growth for ASEAN-10 economy.