Multimedia Package In Tamil Grammar Among High School Students


  • Mrs.D.Jayasree , Dr.K.Nachimuthu


‘Education is the heart of human life’, therefore students aim from walks life for
quality education. Once provide to him or her with the right skills to face any problem of life.
Language is one of the significant elements that affect international communication activities.
In this study, the sample was selected as simple random sampling and Quasi-experimental
research was adopted. In this study used Pre-test and post-test was followed non-equivalent
group design. The sample consists of 40 students studying in government high school in
Salem district, Tamil Nadu. Both groups; the experimental group as well the control group,
were taught by the investigator. The researcher has constructed and standardized the
following research tool (Tamil achievement questionnaire) to collect data from the sample.
The data was tabulated then the way analyzed statistically using descriptive analysis and
differential analysis. Based on the results and findings of the present study, it is concluded
that the developed Multimedia package for Tamil grammar for a high level of students is a
highly effective tool for Tami grammar. The multimedia method proved to be better than the
traditional method in the teaching of Tamil. Hence the researcher strongly concluded the
students showed effective learning outcome in Tamil through experimental method only
because of the Multimedia Package developed for Tamil grammar.