The estimation of radon gas measurement in grains in Samawah city markets using CRM-1029


  • Hussein A. Hussein , Hayder salah Naeem , Rawaa Sami Algareb


In this study, people and animals eat grains of cooking more especially with the big benefits of grains food types. Most studies of contained risky levels of Radon gas showed many places Samawah city.Radon  contamination detected in many types grains which  collected from various markets of city with twenty  types of it selected. The Monitoring of radon (CRM-1029) detect the gas levels in the it. Thehighest reading recorded inChard (Origin from Iraq) was (23.25 Bq/m3),and the lowest reading recorded were in Sesame(Origin from Egypt) was(5.95Bq/m3).The measuring were higher than known as normal levels because the radiological study shows that consumption of the studied for grains should not health with more than (7 Bq/m3) with samples of some it and another samples compare with the empty sample but when using it for cooking or meals, it is recommended to use 1-2 days during the month to obtain radioactive decay in the body depending on previous studies. It is recommended to study  the gas concentrations in other types of  grains , foods and  locally grown.