Power Quality Improvement for a Single Phase Solar Inverter using a Current Source Inverter with a Buck Converter


  • Kittiwath Jeebkaew, Chonlatee Photong , Nattadon Pannucharoenwong


Solar inverters based Current Source Inverters (CSI) would offer greater advantages in terms of safety caused by grid voltage drop or unexpected short circuit, but they would encounter some problems related to low performance due to large voltage difference across themselves. This article aims to report how to retain high performance of a single-phase solar inverter under low grid voltage conditions caused by low concentration of sunlight, through the aid of a combination of a CSI and a dc-dc buck converter. From the experiments, not only the proposed single-phase solar CSI with a buck converter could provide good quality of electric current with relatively low harmonics (1.83-4.60% THD and 1.83% at 50% solar irradiance level), but also operate with high output power factor (0.98) at 50 Hz. This was 31.46-51.86% of improvement in transmission quality compared to the standard CSI.