Ways to Live in the World According to Buddhism


  • Ashin Dhammapiya ,Dr. C. Neela Devi


According to Buddhism, there are a great deal of troubles that are fronting onto as long as we, human beings, are in Sam?s?ra, the rotation of birth together with demise. The Supreme Tatha?gata discoursed these troubles as troubles or suffering in his initial sutta specifically “Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta”. They are – “Birth (Ja?ti) is trouble or suffering; old (Jara?) is trouble or suffering; sickness (Bya?dhi) is trouble or suffering; and death (Maran?a) is trouble or suffering and so forth”. However, it needs to comprehend the aim of all creatures, particularly, human being existence. To perceive it, we ought to firstly labor the theme by way of our knowledge including insight. Then, we will learn ourselves the factual sense of our existences. Advice can be offered; however, we need to produce the essential circumstances for the appearing of comprehension ourselves. Again, there are some fundamentals to the detection of the aim of existence. Firstly, we must realize the natural disposition of the people and the nature of existence. More, we need to retain our spirit peaceful and tranquil by way of the acceptance of a spiritual scheme. Once the circumstances are encountered, the response that we quest, will develop as the mild rainwater from the sky.