Scientific Literacy Profile Of Student Teachers On Science For All Context


  • Maulia Depriya Kembara, Rissa Hanny, Nina Gantina, Intan Kusumawati, Dasim Budimansyah , Denok Sunarsi, Ahmad Khoiri


A study about scientific literacy profile of student teachers had been conducted on Science for all context. Respondent were 384 student teachers  from five faculties that involved in general education program. They were students on Technological Cultural Social and Environmental Education. The investigation was carrie out in General Education Department.  The research method used a mixed-method with sequential explanatory design. Data were collected by: 1)  test of scientific literacy; 2) attitude scale; and 3) interview. Analysis of data was conducted by descriptive statistics and qualitative analysis. Research identified that student teachers had low competency (39,41% -49,36%) in scientific literacy. Using scientific evidence competency was higher than identifying scientific issues and explaining  scientific phenomena.  Although student teachers had low to high scientific attitude competency (1.51-3.5) in support scientific inquiry, believe they can succees in science, interested in science, and feel responsible toward resources and the environtment. Result indicated that student teachers had moderate to high motivation in science.