design and analysis of insert-fed reconfigurable antenna for 5g (sub-6ghz) applications.


  • M. Vinoth, J. Belbin Lijjo, S. Allen, Dr. M. Sugadev


The micro-strip patch antenna is designed and analyzed in this paper. An antenna is
entrenched with square substrate using FR4 substrate with permittivity value of 4.4 to operate in
Sub-6GHz band for 5G applications. The dimension of the antenna is 35.6mm x 35.6mm x 1.6 mm
and presents a gain of 3.2dB. The frequency of proposed antenna is centered at 3.5 GHz with return
loss of -23dB and 6.86 GHz with return loss -21dB. The minimal return loss of proposed antenna at
3.5 GHz (Sub-6-GHz) provides the evidence for 5G wireless applications and 6.86GHz for
broadcasting. In addition, this paper proves that a small change in feed width (QTL) will give a very
big difference in results