The Statute of Limitations and Its Effect on The Lawsuit: A Comparative Jurisprudence Study


  • Ahmed Ramadan Mohamed Ahmed, Saad Gomaa Gomaa Zaghloul, Marina Abu Bakar


The achievement of prompt justice between the litigants before the judge; one of the primary objectives of filing a lawsuit in Islamic law. This is in order to deliver the right to its owner and end the conflict between the litigants. Whereas the statute of limitations in filing the lawsuit between the litigants is one of the reasons that may lead to delaying the completed justice. Muslim jurists devoted the topic of statute of limitations by research and investigation with the aim of achieving prompt justice among the litigants and correcting the lawsuit before the courts. So that the judge can achieve full justice between the litigants and cut off the causes of the dispute. From here we see the importance of studying the statute of limitations and its effect on the lawsuit, by studying this topic in the following papers in order to arrive at a comprehensive definition of the statute of limitations and its legal implications for scholars of Islamic law.