Validity And Reliability Of Muslim Religiosity Personality Inventory (Mrpi) Using The Rasch Measurement Model


  • Harzurita Hassan, Zaini Said, Norhayati Ibrahim


The Muslim Instrument Religiosity Personality Inventory (MRPI) was built to measure the level of belief, knowledge and views on Islam as well as the noble values ??practiced in Islam. Accordingly, MRPI contains 3 sections, the first section namely evaluates one's own views on Islam which has 19 items, while the second section measures the practice of Islam. This section has two (2) subscales, i.e. ibadah (rituals) that has 13 items and muamalat (dealings) which has 14 items. This study was performed on 50 civil servants in the state of Selangor. The Rasch Measurement Model approach will be used for the purpose to empirically prove the validity and reliability of the MRPI instrument to be analysed using the Winsteps software version 3.72.3. Rasch analysis has indicated that the reliability index of the respondents is 0.86 while the item reliability index is 0.96.