A Survey Of Software Complexity Metrics


  • A .Meshach Ponraj


Reducing the complexity of a program is one of the major objective of software
engineering paradigm. It is not possible to control the complexity of a program without measuring
them as a metric. From the stand point of understanding a piece of code given by the developer, by
the tester and maintenance engineer various complexity measures were introduced in the recent past.
In this work, various softwere complexity measures were introduced along with their merits and
demerits. A unified method is required in the further research in software metrics. In the further
research direction, a new complexity metric called MESHA. It is an acronym for Metrics based on
Eigenvalues of Source code Hierarchiel Adjacency Matrices. While contructing the Adjacency
Matrices we consider both the data and the control flow graphs of the modules in the hierarchy.