Impact of covid-19 on Indian Economy, Ecommerce, Education and Employment


  • Sushma Kumari, Dr. Alka Sharma


Corona virus entered in India from China. The lockdown started in India from 25th March
to 3rd May to slow down its effect compared to other countries. Our environment was very clear in
40 days lockdown, but stock market fell down. Our government had initiated many programmes for
the “Aam-janta” to tackle the problem of covid-19. In our country 3 days infant to 95 years old
person had found in positive, our government had initiative programmes like lockdown whose
appreciated by the all over the world and government shows the respect for health workers by the
Janta curfew on 22 March. It shows the great respect for health workers like a nurses, doctors and
police. This Pandemic has disturbed the every field of life as business, economy, employment and
education. This pandemic reduced the Indian trade market and increases the dependence on China
for import. China is ruling on our e-commerce by their investment. We are expecting that after July
everything would be short out, if not then this pandemic will be spread out the tsunami of corona.
Many industries are cutting down the employees’ salaries and terminate the employees, so
Government should be taking the initiative steps; if not it will be lead to the unemployment in India.
Indian industries through e- commerce is expanding, and it is expecting that our country will be
become world second market up to 2034. Educational institute condition also is not very good after
pandemic, because schools and colleges were closed on 17th March 2020. School and colleges are
working on digitalization and Government is taking an advice by teacher, students and experts, how
to manage study and exams. So these Research papers explore the effect of covid-19 and also find
out the different ways to tackle the unpredictable situation in different aspects from economy to
employment and commerce to education.