Test the Reflections of the Human Resource Governance Model on Organizational dexterity Analytical study in the General Directorate for the Education of the Holy Governorate of Karbala


  • Prof. Dr. Muayad Al-Saidi, Afrah Al-Ghanmi, Iman M. Jawad


The purpose of the research is to find out the reflection of the governance of the human resource as an independent variable in its dimensions (strategic direction, transparency, employee voice, information System) on the organizational Dexterity as an dependent variable in its dimensions (exploitation, exploration) by detecting  the correlation and the effect between dimensions of Governance of human resource  and organizational Dexterity, the Directorate-General of Education in the Holy governorate of Karbala was selected as a research community, it contains sample of (77) persons, including senior, middle and operational administrative leaders, using the questionnaire as the main research instrument.

The search began with a problem expressed in a number of questions, which is to question the extent to which senior management leaders are aware of the importance of the roles of the governance of human resource and organizational Dexterity. Is there a correlation and effect between the two variables at the macro and sub-leve?.Nonparametric Statistical tools were used to analyze and manipulate data by adopting the (SPSS statistics program V. 14), the research based on (Curriculum-based search & Meta-Analysis), and a relative preference list of eleven degrees was used (zero % agreed) and ended with (100% agreed).


The result of this research indicated that there is no real correlation and effect between the governance of human resource and organizational dexterity at the macro level, while this is achieved at the sub-level except (the voice of the employee) that failed to effect in organizational dexterity.