Effectiveness of Learning Object Recommendation in Mobile Learning System


  • Madhubala R , Dr.A.Akila


Exceptional growth of internet and mobile technologies, people are addict of using mobiles in every day today activities. Everyone is having more than one smart mobiles and devices so communication becomes easier now a day. With help of mobile apps and browser, people are accessing internet and required contents. So the traditional way providing educational content also need to change and adopt to mobile platform. Learning through mobile is the easiest way for learning any subject, anytime, anywhere. Plenty of educational contents available in the internet, can able to access via mobile browser or through specialized apps. But the term education is not only relay on content delivery, but it centers around learners. Every learner’s needs, learning style, abilities and interest may vary. Therefore, the researcher moving their focus towards the learner to find the way to increase and satisfaction on educational contents, delivered through portable device including mobile. This brings the new research area called personalized learning. This paper presents the review of recent research work on context aware, personalized, adaptive mobile learning system and evaluate the effectiveness of learning object recommendation based FSLSM learning style of the learners in the personalized mobile learning systems. The evaluation result shows that appropriate way for recommending learning objects to the learners which increases the learning interest and improve the result in the course.