Stop spread corona based on voice, face and emotional recognition using machine learning, query optimization and Block chain Technology


  • M.Srikanth , R.N.V.Jagan Mohan


The corona grows very fast in the present day. People with corona symptoms are spreading people unknowingly. Because this is one of the reasons to corona cases fast grow thing actually corona test is possible but some peoples didn’t support to doctors and government. Once the same repeat though India still has all the corona positive cases. So my proposal is voice and faces emotional recognition using machine learning, query optimization and block chain technology. We collect data from the particular network with a query request then we classify two categories good voice (like healthy voice) and poor voice (corona symptoms voice like Sneezing, coughing and low voice etc). Before face emotional recognition we will collect CCTV image footages to throughout India from all area CCTV footages networks with query request. Now here also divided into two categories like good images (like healthy face expressions) and bad images (like health problem face expressions). Once this corona symptoms peoples enter in public cloud areas we will report to doctors and police. Doctor give treatment to patient and police protect to other peoples stop spreading corona. When we getting all footages database we use machine learning. Machine learning is ability to learning from past experience we compare training data to testing data to all voice reorganization and facial expression and in this machine learning algorithm predict and give best accuracy. Actually some hackers to trying to manipulate voice and emotional images so we provide security also no one manipulate the data here we are use block chain technology also. A blockchain is a device that facts information in a way that makes it hard or impossible to alter, hack, or defraud the system. Blackchain is a digital ledger of transactions this is duplicated and disbursed throughout the complete community of laptop systems in Blackchain.