Effective Doctor Patient Communication In A Healthcare Service Delivery


  • S.Nithya Priya, Dr. Bhooma Devi


Quality problem: Patients generally do not understand the medical informationcompletely discussed by the doctor during their first visit to hospital. This results in gap in communication due to which it is difficult to recommend treatment plans and to continuous care to patients.

Choice of solution:Developed a structural questionnaire that identify the gap in communication between doctor and patient and provides a solution for two way communication and for better decision making.

Implementation:Conducted a quality improvement survey at a five tertiary care hospitals by using questionnaire and studied the importance of communication, confidence while talking to physician and relationship between patient satisfaction and communication. The study included 103 patients from various tertiary care hospitals.

Evaluation: Study revealed that 90% of patients interact with doctors regularly and take their role in decision making as well as they ask the physician about condition of patients and clarifications to patients illness during the stay in hospital and their visit. Around 40% of the respondents very often agreed on effective doctor patient communication. During the data collection experience, 60% of the patients felt that problems faced by them are effectively addressed by questionnaire method and gaps were identified and suggestions were provided to patients and doctors

Lessons learned: Provided suggestions to both patients and doctors to improve the patient – doctor communication and found that both of them are highly satisfied and followed the suggestions provided. This provided patient satisfaction and also in improving doctor – patient communication at tertiary care hospitals.