The Development Of Malay Language Teaching Competency Model For Novice Teachers


  • Normarini Norzan, Yong Wu, Abdul Jalil Othman, Norazimah Zakaria, Ariff Mohamad


The study on "The Development of Malay Language Teaching Competency Model for Novice
Teachers" was conducted to find out the differences in the competency of novice teachers in Malay
Language. In addition, this study was carried out to identify the elements of technological competence
of novice teachers in Malay Language. This study was carried out using survey methodology, the inference was studied using quantitative data through questionnaire. The statistical data collected fron
300 respondents of Malay Language novice teachers were selected from 12 schools around peninsular
Malaysia namely in the zone 1 (north), zone 2 (west), zone 3 (east) and zone 4 (south). Novice teacher
refers to a teacher who has experienced 5 years and below in teaching. The findings show that there
are important elements that novice teachers should possess in order to become a highly competent
teacher in technoloy-based Malay Language teaching . Technological competence needs to be in-line
with Malay pedagogical competence and it goes on continuously. Therefore, the four elements such as
needs, knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics need to be applied to enhance both competencies.
It is hoped that with the results of this study, researchers and teachers of Malay Languange will acquire
a specific guide in enhancing the technological competence in Malay language pedagogy. This
indirectly is hoped to help the education world to advance along with the current globalization era