FPGA Implementation of a New Adaptive Filter Based on Robust Mixed Norm and Swarm Intelligence


  • Tamilselvi Manoharan , J.Senthilkumar , V.Mohanraj Y.Suresh


Hearing The adaptive filters for biomedical and communication application needs new
adaptation methodology and new architecture to meet the standards of the contemporary technology.
The paper presents a new method based on Robust mixed norm (RMN) algorithm and Ant Bee Colony
optimization in VLSI architecture for adaptive filter. A method is proposed based on Swarm Intelligence
for the implementation of adaptive filter architecture. In this paper a detailed investigation on the design
of adaptive filters using FPGA is presented for different architectures. The implementation of
architecture using nature based computing enhances the way power is optimized. The proposed design
reduces the area and power consumption. The design focuses on the implementation of filter
architecture using various processing elements. The implementation is carried out in FPGA kits based
on 65nm and 90nm CMOS technology.