The trust based scheme for the isolation of Sybil attack in wireless sensor networks


  • Sumedha, Dr Nagesh kumar


When any kinds of malicious nodes enter the network, a scenario of attack occurs in that network. There are several types attacks found in the network which are all categorized into active and passive types depending upon the manner in which they attack. This research work is based on an active type of attack which is commonly known as sinkhole attack. In the sink hole attack the malicious nodes spoof identification of the base station and act like base station. The sensor nodes start transmitted data to malicious nodes instead of base station. In order to identify and eliminate such malicious nodes, this research proposes a new technique that uses identity verification in order to provide a secure environment for communication in the network. Simulations are performed by implementing the proposed technique in NS2. The proposed technique give results better as compared to existing techniques in terms of certain parameters.