Determining Role of Knowledge Management Strategy on Performance of Fintech Companies Based on AHP-Fuzzy


  • Bahman Moghimi


Given the enormous investment that companies are making recently in knowledge acquisition and intellectual capital productivity on systems that are sometimes ineffective, it is imperative to evaluate the success of knowledge initiatives. The main focus of this paper is to present a new approach to the evaluation of knowledge management systems (KMS) on FinTech companies. This approach combines two commonly used managerial methodologies, critical success factors and AHP-Fuzzy analysis. Critical success factors are used to define evaluation criteria, and the AHP-Fuzzy approach is used to rate knowledge initiatives. The statistical population of the study is the FinTech companies in which the knowledge management (KM) project is implemented. Result showed by given the new concept of knowledge management in domestic companies, few companies have taken steps to realize their knowledge initiatives, limiting the choice of statistical sample.. The applicability of the proposed approach is demonstrated by analyzing the data of five FinTech user-centric knowledge management systems.