The Perspective of Marketing Academics Towards Neuromarketing, The Emerging Market Research Science


  • Syed Mohamed Sadath , Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram , Dr. Mohammed Emad Al-Shaikh


Neuro-marketing can be defined simply as applying Neuro-imaging techniques in marketing. It has
recently become one of the widely discussed subject areas, and this study has been steered among marketing
academics to understand their perspective of Neuro-marketing techniques. The objectives included defining the
overall perception of marketing academics towards Neuro-marketing, the impact of certain independent factors
on the perception of Neuro-marketing, and knowing the relationship between years of teaching experience and
their perception. The convenience sampling method was used to collect data from 51 respondents. Structured
questionnaires were distributed via Question-pro (online survey tool) to gather data, and Cronbach’s Alpha
reliability coefficients for the questionnaire items were found to be 0.701. SPSS version 21 was used to
perform Chi-square and Kruskal Wallis tests to report the findings. The prospects and shortcomings of Neuromarketing techniques were discussed, and by considering the perspective of highly experienced marketing
academics, the results of this study will enable marketers to gain more insight into Neuro-marketing techniques
and its impacts.