Potential of Electrical Vehicle (EV) in Indian market and A Review of public policy outlook for 2020


  • Mr. Sunil R Pawar , Mr. Raviraj R Ahire


The automotive industry has great potential in the Indian market for a few years because of revolutionary changes in the field of Technology and the increasing living standards of Indian citizens. The booming market has much scope in the field of research and puts a lot of pressure on the available stagnant resources like crude oil, natural gas, etc. around 81 % of the energy is supplied by crude oil and fossil fuel. In India, vehicle technology is based on fossil fuel thus Pollution and emission issues need to be controlled for sustainable development. The transportation sector accounts for nearly one-quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. this situation can get worse if an alternative doesn’t replace the existing crisis. so, we need for clean and renewable energy sources as a future alternative option. Adoption of Electric Vehicle Technology (EV) is one of the alternative solutions to overcome the crises. The present paper discusses the potential and review of public policy for Electrical Vehicle in India also a view of the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) 2020