Role Social Media Archipelagic use in Improving Performance Small Micro Business in Small Islands in Indonesia


  • Nurhidayat, Suliyanto, Eko Wahyudi Antoro


Social media has the potential to help SMEs in marketing their products, especially for
MSMEs in the archipelago who experience serious obstacles from the marketing side to be able
to develop on a national and international scale. In response to these conditions, the government
is trying to create a new scheme and is ready to help the SMEs, one of them through a digital
trading system. There is a need to realize the competitiveness of small islands (MSME Islands)
that are different from other contexts namely through the use of internet technology or digitally
which in this case is the use of social media, in this study as a novelty of research researchers
realize it in a variable namelyArchipelagic Social Media Use. Thus, a common thread can be
drawn that the broader range of marketing of a company through social media, will make the
company and its products more recognized in the market. This of course will indirectly improve
the performance of the MSME itself. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of
archipelagic social media use in improving the performance of the UMKM Islands.
This research method uses a positivist or scientific approach using SEM-AMOS analysis
techniques. The data used are primary data distributed to 100 respondents. The results of this
study indicate that the owner characteristic has a significant influence on Archipelagic Social
Media Use, performance expectancy has a significant effect on Archipelagic Social Media Use
and archipelagic social media use has a significant effect on Performance SMSEs, which can be
interpreted when the MSME owners of these islands utilize Social Media in a way optimal, can
significantly support performance improvement.